RA*W launches manifesto 'Agency for the future'

The future according to a new generation of advertising professionals

At a meeting of advertising platform RA*W, hosted by creative agency Vandejong, the manifesto 'Agency for the future' is launched in Amsterdam. After a presentation of Pjotr de Jong, founder of Vandejong, over 50 young creatives, strategists and account managers from various Dutch and international advertising agencies started to create an 'Agency for the future'. This resulted in a manifesto that serves as an appeal of inspiration and is distributed within the advertising world.

We are raw.
Always in Beta, never finished.
Everything has been done, but everything can be reinvented.
We don’t believe in perfect paintings.
We believe in failing fast and learning faster.
We hunt relentlessly to make things better.
We are like water, transparent and always on the move.
We are there for eachother, because together we are stronger.

We are sincere. About ourselves, the product and to our partners.
We strive to be the ultimate strategic partner.
Not just for communication, but for every business issue.
We know what’s going on. With people and innovation. So we can build, not just tell, great stories. Together with our partners.
Commercially viable & creatively scintillating stories.
Stories that resonate, and beg to be retold. Stories that last.

We believe in the power of creatives and media.
Built with solid strategic support.
We build with our varied network. A network of great people and greater craftsmen.
Artisans, hand picked and best suited for each job.
Time and time again.

We work with people who share our values.
We believe in binding through mutual respect.
Respect and relations that will be maintained through honest feedback.
From all the people we work with.
We demand transparency and flexibility.
We don’t believe in silos. Or classic billing systems.
We want to discover new ways to work creatively and to get paid for what we do best.

We integrate and stimulate talent. Talent from all creative disciplines.
And that those disciplines can, and should be stretched.
By going outside of your comfort zone.
Everyone should create and make, not just those who have it written on their business cards.
Everything is done to build a better creative team.
A team with great people, nothing less.
And a team that makes better creative and more effective work.

We grew up in a digital world.
And we are just as mean and lean as this new age.
We work in a collective that build on each other’s strengths.
We are flexible in the projects we work on.
We all work in support of one another.
Like one big organism, we are nothing on our own, but unstoppable together.

We believe in making the best, no concessions.
Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.
We love ideas. And we know ideas can come from anywhere.
On the toilet, or on a Saturday in the supermarket.
The best ones don’t come to you in an office; but outside that concrete box.
Creativity is an activity, not a thing in a certain place.
Or owned by certain people.
We don’t do insane hourly rates based on a broken system;e we create value and believe that our partners recognize that value.
We motivate each other, by opportunities where one can develop and become better.
Because we are never finished and we are never done.
We are raw.

"By confronting the advertising world with the facts we hope to convince agencies of the importance of talent development. And to act accordingly. The time is now. " Reinier Steures, co-founder of RA*W
"The danger of the crisis is that everyone stays in their comfort zone, while just now innovative initiatives in advertising should arise. Therefore we welcome an initiative as RA * W enormously. It fits very well within this time that young professionals themselves start looking for new solutions, that sometimes may be quite radical. It is definitely time for a revolution in advertising!" Pjotr de Jong, founder of creative agency Vandejong
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